Zero Recycling

Zero Waste Responsible Industry, Trouble-Free Environment Period

Pimtaş, which is the first private company in Turkey to implement the Zero Waste Management System, protects the environment while using resources efficiently.

The world, which is destabilized by global warming, on the other hand, is in danger of not being able to provide adequate resources to the population, which is growing rapidly to 7.5 billion... Considering that the number of people suffering from hunger exceeds 821 million, it is now imperative to prevent waste, use resources efficiently and better protect the environment. At this point, the countries of the world went on to protect the environment and economy with zero waste and recycling projects. In Turkey, the button was pressed in this context, and under the auspices of Emine Erdogan, the "Zero Waste" Movement of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization began to expand. As a matter of fact, the number of individual and social education projects is increasing within the scope of the "Zero Waste" movement, which is carried out with the effort to prevent waste, use resources efficiently, reduce the amount of waste, and create a cleaner and more livable world with recycling. While individual and social awareness was strengthened with the educational studies spread throughout Turkey, the button was pressed for the "Zero Waste" move in the public and private sectors with legal regulations.

 Zero Waste Management System Applied for the First Time


Reducing the amount of waste, especially in the industry, Environment It's seriously affecting the economy. So much so that I'm not going to let With 31 million tons of waste to be obtained in 1 year: 42 million trees can be saved from being cut down, 20 billion Kwh electricity can be saved, 69 million m3 less water use can be realized, 585 million Kg less greenhouse gas emissions can be made and 13 billion TL added value to the economy can be provided. This Therefore, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, which carries out the Zero Waste project decisively, aims to contribute to the environment and the economy by establishing the "Zero Waste Management System" of companies. PİmTAŞ is the first private company in Turkey to implement the Zero Waste Management System. he showed me. Country The company, which has signed a first, also attracts attention by establishing the first PIARGE Center approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Approximately in Gebze 1.5 R&D center, established on an area of 3,500 square meters with an investment of 25 million dollars per year Innovative With the project, it aims to produce products with higher added value in the plastics sector. PİmTAŞ, which cooperates with universities in R&D center, with the Rectorate of Okan University Master he runs programs. PİmTAŞ, which creates synergy with educational projects that combine theory and practice, also contributes to qualified employment by strengthening university industry cooperation. PİmTAŞ, which has an international structure, sends its products to 500 dealers throughout the country and exports to 105 countries. The company is keeping its hand up against global and regional risks by providing services to many sectors. SINCE 1977, PITAŞ has been using plastic pipes, fits, spherical valves, butterfly valves, checkvalf, rakor, pool and plumbing technical equipment with the production of 7 thousand kinds of products.