Expert Farmer

It is a farmer platform where our farmers who produce standards in accordance with the traceable agriculture platform are registered, their own prices are determined, and they can sell their products directly to the final consumer.

Fresh products freshly plucked from the branch can be instantly purchased from the farmer in your province at an affordable price. With the dog tag and QR code we have created, you can see the story of the product that came to your table. You will be able to easily learn all the questions you have in mind such as what month it was planted, what drugs were used, organic or when it was harvested through QR code with a single click.

We share the burden on our farmers

With the Expert Farmer Platform, which we have started in order to prevent the products that our farmers give their products at the lowest price and go to the consumer from the highest level, our farmers determine the sales price of the product directly, and the consumer can reach the product of our nearest farmer at any time by filtering the product he wants.

With the country's producing channel, Producing Tv, we take the pulse of innovations, economy and industry and discuss solutions to problems.

You can buy it online

You can order our products from any farmer at any time from our mobile app and E-commerce pages.