Recruitment Process

The purpose of selection and placement practices is to recruit candidates who can keep up with the corporate culture and thus achieve sustainable success. It is aimed to make purchases that will support our vision and mission without discriminating in the selection placement process.

Our priority criteria for recruitment due to the fact that we have global partners; our employees have a very good level of Knowledge of English and there are no travel and relocation barriers. According to the position, sometimes technical knowledge and skills are gained at work and sometimes experienced and ambitious people are preferred.

How the Process Works

Human resources and department managers work together in the competency-based selection and placement process, which is structured to ensure that candidates are placed in the right job. Human Resources invites the candidate for an interview by managing the pre-evaluation process. General Skills and English Tests are applied after examining the suitability of the candidate to the corporate culture, the match between the sought-after position and the qualifications of the candidate. In order to make an impartial assessment, the observations of human resources are theoretically confirmed by applying the Personality Inventory Test. Then, the candidate department manager is interviewed so that the candidate's professional knowledge can be evaluated. Upon completion of the selection process, the result is notified to the candidate.


From the button directly under "Open Positions" for a specific position; For your general applications you can contact us by e-mailing address.