Pimtaş Plastik's R&D base with PIİMARGE per year From 20 Pimtaş Plastik, which carries out more projects, produces innovative solutions to solve the problems of the sector. Gebze Technical University, Kocaeli University, Okan, University, Gedik University and Sabanci University in order to bring qualified personnel to the sector Collaborations has established.

We are continuing many project studies together with PIİMARGE and Gebze Technical University and Okan University.

We contribute to the development of our country with the projects we have implemented with all domestic and national opportunities.

STRONG R&D SPIRIT WE make a difference in Kocaeli region with their successful R&D studies carried out with a dynamic team. Pimtaş's The selfless work of the R&D unit of the largest force in its steady growth and the selfless work of our employees, which we do untouched by the full automation system, also have a big part to play in this.

Not only as Pimtaş, but also to other companies in our region R&D and innovation we serve in the field. We carry out 10 to 25 R&D projects in one year.