We focus on agriculture and water technologies and produce projects on innovative products in order to make agriculture more sustainable with technology. We are carrying out all our studies in order to make the use of water more efficient and to make our country more difficult in agriculture.


There are different hydroponic farming techniques that can be used in vertical agricultural systems. These can be examined with main topics such as stagnant water culture, flowing water culture, solid ambient culture, bed culture, bag culture, pot culture. Intensively used techniques are stagnant water culture and flowing water culture.

Although it is predicted that high transportation costs can be reduced by using modern hydroponic agricultural systems in large cities, factors such as the lack of sufficiently large greenhouses in large cities and high land prices come into play.

Water Saving Percussor

We know the importance of every drop of water for our future and we produce water saving perlators to protect it. The perlators we produce save 500-600 tons of water per year for each tap.

Saving Perlator Properties

  • 80% water savings per tap
  • Financial and energy saving
  • Pressure resistant
  • Easy installation

Perlator Savings Comparison

  • We save between 300-400 tons of water annually in a tap used for 2 hours per day.
  • In 1 year we save 16 tons of water, whose vegetables and fruits are washed under an open tap.
  • We save 10.5 tons of water in 1 year from the faucet you leave on when brushing your teeth.
  • Statistics are calculated according to 1.5-3 bar water pressure.