Pimtaş Plastik  serves its customers with high brand quality and a dynamic human resource by combining past experience and today's superior technology with 7 large production factories, 8 brands and more than 500 employees.

Pimtaş Plastik, which was founded in 1977 and is a 100% domestic capital company, has its own unique designs. From 15,000 it is one of the leading companies in the plastics sector with a wide variety of products.

Pimtaş Plastik, which has survived to the present day without losing the excitement it was in when its foundations were laid 45 years ago, is moving confidently towards the future in line with the goals it has set for itself.

Pimtaş Plastik, which delivers its products to its customers in 110 countries, delivers its products to its customers with its wide dealer network spreading throughout 81 provinces in our country. Pimtaş Plastik, which has a 100% customer satisfaction principle, continuously develops its product groups and adds new products taking into account customer needs.

Pimtaş Plastik, which has ISO 9001 quality management system and International Quality Certificates, meets the needs of its customers with the latest technological infrastructure, machinery and molding systems.

With the high quality products it produces, it carefully examines the feedback from its customers with its high customer satisfaction policy, customer support staff and continues to work with the necessary dedication to ensure customer satisfaction.

Pvc Pipe Pvc The attachment is Pvc Spherical Valve, Pvc Butterfly Valve, Pvc Checkvalf, Pvc Gland, Pp Pipe Pp It manufactures all products including Attachment, HDPE Pipe, Kangal Pipe, EF Attachment, Coupling Attachments, Coupling Valves, Valve Boxes, Pool Equipment and Drip Irrigation Pipe and Attachment parts in 7 Large Factories.

Pimtaş Plastik, which carries out more than 20 projects per year with PIİMARGE, the R&D base of Pimtaş Plastik, produces innovative solutions to solve the problems of the sector.

Gebze Technical University, Kocaeli University, Okan University, Gedik University and Sabanci University in order to bring qualified personnel to the sector Collaborations has established.

Pimtaş Plastik, valuable knowledge and experience from the past, continuously developing technology without compromising the basic values of the company Withmakes a difference in the products and services it produces and moves confidently into the future.



To be a world company in the sector with the goal of continuous development.


We serve the infrastructure of human civilization with the products we produce.

We ensure that water reaches human life on earth in a comfortable, reliable and standard manner. With the products we produce, we support all living spaces from meeting the basic needs of people to creating and maintaining a quality and comfortable life.

The trust our customers have in us in the agriculture, tourism, construction and infrastructure sectors; we respond by producing quality, fast and accessible plastic pipes and connection equipment.

To maximize customer satisfaction by providing high standard and quality service with our innovative, sensible, principles and responsible approach in parallel with the developing technology to make pimtaş brand known all over the world.

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    To be ethical and reliable;  We act with respect for our ethical values and promises towards all our stakeholders with whom we have an interaction and trade relationship, and with the awareness that trade will not work without trust. We know well that we have grown up with the respect and trust of people since we were founded.

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    To be open to innovation and development;  We believe in the necessity of change and development for a business, and we do not hesitate to take institutional steps to improve our business processes and market dynamics by being sensitive to technological needs and changes in the market.

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    Customer and quality focus;  we strive to offer the quality of our products and services above the expectations of our customers as a requirement of our respect for our customers and our business.

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    Human focus;  The basis of our business is based on human relations, we produce with human beings and sell services and products to people. That's why we appreciate man.

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    Communication focus;  We follow a healthy, honest and open way of communicating with our employees, stakeholders, suppliers and customers both inside and outside the organization.

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    Sustainability/stability;  We know that success or profitability are periodic and relative concepts, and we ensure that all parts of our system move towards the future with the same harmony and determination in order to be permanent in our sector.

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    Respect for the environment and society;  we are aware of our responsibilities to nature, animals and society. When producing products and using nature in the world where future generations will live, we take care not to reduce good things and to add new values on them.